How else can I help?
Contributions made to Horseshoes of Hope allow the organization to cover the additional 60% of our expenses that our lesson fees don’t cover. They help to pay for: a variety of  programs hosted by the organization; instructor fees; horse care related expenses; equipment upkeep and replacement. We strive to make it affordable for our riders to participate, so we must rely on the generosity of our supporters. Donations may be earmarked for specific purposes if desired. All donations are tax-deductible.

   Sponsor a Horse
Individuals or groups may choose to sponsor a specific horse for a given year,assisting in providing the veterinarian care, board, farrier services, and purchase the supplies necessary to meet the nutritional requirements of that individual horse. Horseshoes of Hope estimates that it costs $3,600 annually to meet
the needs of one of our horses. 

Sponsor  Rider
 Horseshoes of Hope takes pride in being able to offer scholarships to riders
 who may need assistance covering the cost of therapeutic riding lessons. 
 Individuals or groups may choose to sponsor an individual rider for an entire
 session, or simply cover the costs of a specific number of sessions to be
 allocated for several different riders.

   Donate Tack, Equipment, or Supplies 
Horseshoes of Hope is continutally on the search for new or gently used tack
and equipment that can be used for the year round therapeutic riding program.
Additionally, equipment that can be used for facility maintenance and supplies
for equine assisted learning programs are also essential to providing our quality

  Donate a Horse
Horseshoes of Hope is always looking for extraordinary horses to add to our
exceptional herd. If you have a horse you are interested in donating please  
contact us for more information.
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Your tax-deductible donation will be processed through Amazing Grace Equine Therapy (a 501c3 organization), whose mission is to provide equine therapy to individuals with disabilities.

Tack (new or gently used)
  - Saddles (Western)
  - Halters / Bridles
  - Grooming Tools
  - Saddle Pads

  - Lap Top Computer
  - Manure Spreader
  - Arena Drag

  - Hay (Alfalfa - grass mix)
  - Grain
  - Wormer
  - Building Materials/Lumber
  -  1" Thick Rubber Mats
  - Manure Forks

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